About WAWA


Ross Murry's version:

Ross was standing at a surf break in Kommetjie on the off chance that the owner of an Amazing Toyota Land Cruiser would agree to sell. Anton came out the surf but alas refused to sell. They talked about adventure travelling and where to from here in life. A sailing race - in a remote area of Madagascar - on a few planks held together with string and a few fertilizer bags sewn together for a sail - seemed the obvious choice ! A few weeks later they set off to Nosy Be, set south from there by boat, found a beautiful island, hired a pirogue from a fisherman who couldn’t speak English, learnt to sail in sign language and sailed back to Nosy Be. It was such fun and such a learning curve.... enter WAWA. WILD ADVENTURES. The sky’s the limit. Hey, that gives me an idea!!! Watch this space.

Anton Bruwer version:

Anton and a bunch of friends sitting around a table, having a few trying to find a name for his adventure company. Tintin and his dog Snowy came up. There was a Woof Woof ......then there was a WaWa. Anton is rumoured to be a little "Wild" and very adventurous. So....Wild Adventures with Anton (hence the WaWa) was born. Then Ross Murry popped up out of nowhere !!! Anton’s partner in crime.

What now!!!!! Ag Man...... Sod off with Anton, WaWa sounds cool, so how about just Wild Adventures. Done!!!! Game set and match ...... hahaha !!

Meet The Crew

Ross studied law, practiced for a week and realised he simply wasn't going to cut it as a lawyer. While doing articles he started a River Rafting company and spent the next ten years guiding river trips.

River trips led to getting involved in a well know tent making company which gave way to building a yacht and sailing the Indian ocean in search of good waves and beautiful corals.

Madagascar has both in spadefulls. After cruising the Indian Ocean Islands... Madagascar, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia and Camoro's, for nearly two years - together with local sailor Mohamed, they build a traditional Dhow and set up a small adventure company in the Nosy Be archipelago of North West Madagascar. Sailing a Dhow led to wondering how pirogues would handle long distances in rough sea's - which led to this magnificent Madagascar Pirogue Challenge.

Ross chose the path less travelled and has enjoyed the scenery.


Leaving school with the dream of becoming a professional tennis player, this was short lived after a gap year abroad and Anton was introduced to sailing. After sailing professionally for 15 years which included 4 World Cups, 3 European Cups and 7 Altantic crossings as well as 2 years in the South Pacific, Anton decided it was time for a change. At 35 Anton hung up his fowl-weather gear and hit the books and studied full time to gain a Diploma in Sports Science.

After graduating Anton persued a career in Personal Training and professional Tennis Coaching. 7 years later he is now a total Adventurist seeking to find off the wall stuff and help share it with fellow Adventurists. He lives by the code "essay quam vaderi" Latin for "to be rather than to seem to be"